Will creating artificial (beaver) dams in incised channels in central Oregon help raise the water table and restore meadow grasses for grazing?

The October 2007 breaching of a temporary cofferdam constructed during removal of the 15-meter (m)-tall Marmot Dam on the Sandy River, Oregon, triggered a rapid sequence of fluvial responses as ~730,000 cubic meters (m3) of sand and gravel filling the former reservoir became available to a high-gradient river.

Roaring Spring


Roaring Spring emerges from old lava flows high in the headwaters of the McKenzie River. Cold (4C), clear and abundant, this spring's flow is equal to 1% of the water in the Willamette River at Portland Harbor.

Summer 2015 Survey Crew on Boulder Creek, Upper McKenzie River

The 2015 drought represents a unique opportunity to test fundamental hypotheses for how mountain streams respond to anticipated and dramatic changes in amount and timing of recharge. Survey Crew; Laura Hempel, Cara Walter, Sarah Lewis & Austin Hall at Boulder Creek, Upper McKenzie River, Oregon.

Structure for motion (SfM) survey of Jack Creek

Student Laura Hempel surveys Jack Creek in the Deschutes National Forest with a digital camera and painter's pole. The photos will be processed using a digital photogrammetry technique called "Structure from Motion," that creates a 3D model using photos taken from different angles.

Measuring hyporheic flow in the Clackamas River

The Influence of Hyporheic Flow on River Temperature: River water emerging from naturally occurring gravel bars on a hot summer day may be as much as 2°C cooler than mainstem flow. We explored the potential thermal benefits of hyporheic exchange from proposed gravel augmentation on the Clackamas River, Oregon.

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A. Danner; M. Safeeq; G. Grant; C. Wickham; D. Tullos; M. Santelmann , Submitted , Scenario-based and scenario-neutral assessment of climate change impacts on operational performance of a multipurpose reservoir

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G.E. Grant; J.E. O'Connor; E. Safran , In Press , Excursions in fluvial (dis)continuity


M. Safeeq; S. Shukla; I. Arismendi; E. Grant; S.L. Lewis; A.W. Nolin , 2015 , Influence of winter season climate variability on snow-precipitation ratio in the Western U.S.
E.B. Safran; J.E. O'Connor; L.L. Ely; P.K. House; G.E. Grant; K. Harrity; K. Croall; E. Jones , 2015 , Plugs or flood-makers? The unstable landslide dams of eastern Oregon