Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2009
Human Ecology of Landscapes and Watersheds


Survey of current literature on interdisciplinary archaeology and geomorphological practice – methods and approaches to landscape ecological science.

Please provide a paper copy or pdf a week in advance to allow the group time to read the article.

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Date Presenter Topic
Jan 9 2009

Andrew Meigs

Uncertainty in Kashmir (rescheduled from Fall 08)

Jan 16 2009

Loren Davis

Davis, L. 2007. Paleoseismicity, ecological change, and prehistoric exploitation of andromous fishes in the Salmon River Basin, western Idaho, USA. North American Archaeologist, 28(3) 233-263.

Jan 23 2009

Gordon Grant

Zimmerman & Ratliff 2003. Controls on the Distribution and Life History of Fish Populations in the Deschutes River: Geology, Hydrology and Dams. In A Peculiar River, JE O'Connor and GE Grant eds. Water Science and Application 7, AGU.

Jan 30 2009

Loren Davis

Erlandson et al., 2008. Life on the edge: early maritime cultures of the Pacific Coast of North America. Quaternary Science Reviews 27: 2232–2245.

Turns out there's a bit of controversy around this article...to read the backstory see: additional files

2008_Erlandsonetal.pdf, 2008_DavisCRP.pdf, 2004_Davisetal.pdf, 2006_Mossetal.pdf, 2006_Davisetal_responsetoMossetal.pdf
Feb 6 2009

Jay Noller

Noller, 2001. Archaeoseismology: Shaking Out the History of Humans and Earthquakes, in Earth Sciences and Archaeology, Goldberg, Holliday and Ferring, eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York p143-170.

Feb 13 2009

Chris Madden

Galli and Naso, 2009. Unmasking the 1349 earthquake source (southern Italy): paleoseismological and archaeoseismological indications from the Aquae Iuliae fault. Journal of Structural Geology 31: 128-149.

Feb 20 2009

Daniel Contreras, Stanford

Contreras, D., 2009. Reconstructing landscape at Chavin de Huantar, Peru: A GIS-based approach. Journal of Archaeological Science 36:1006-1017

Feb 27 2009

Jack Zunka

Holocene climatic change and human settlement between the central Sahara and the Nile Valley - Archaeological and geomorphological results

Mar 6 2009

Beth Copeland

Floodplain Development, El Niño, and Cultural Consequences in a Hyperarid Andean Environment

Mar 13 2009

Rose Wallick

Floodplain degradation and settlement history in Wadi al-Wala and Wadi ash-Shallalah, Jordan