Water sustainability and watershed storage

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TitleWater sustainability and watershed storage
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMcDonnell JJ, Evaristo J., Bladon K.D., Buttle J., Creed I.F, Dymond S.F, Grant GE, Iroume A., Jackson C.R, Jones J.A, Maness T., McGuire D.F, Scott D.F, Segura C., Sidle RC, Tague CL
JournalNature Sustainability
VolumeVol. 1
IssueAugust 2018
Start Page378
Date Published08/2018
Type of ArticleComment
Keywordspaired, water, watershed

The paired watershed approach is the most popular tool for quantifying the effects of forest watershed management on water sustainability.  But this approach does not often address the critical factor of water stored in the landscape.  Future work needs to quantify storage in paired watershed studies to inform sustainable water management.

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