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Univeristy hosts forum on effects of dams on rivers

“Virtually all dams block the migration of fish,” said Grant, a research hydrologist with the U.S. department of agriculture’s forest service. There are several strategies that can be employed to help fish continue on their seasonal journeys, but all are very expensive.

Dams also block the flow of sediments that sometimes contain harmful chemicals.

“You may have 40, 50, 60 years of agricultural chemicals that may have come down and accumulated in the sediments,” Grant said.


A region's vitality melting away

The melting of Mount Hood's signature glaciers raises a crucial question for the region: How much do we depend on them and the cool water they pour into rivers and creeks?

New findings by Oregon State University researchers show that in certain places, the answer is: quite a bit. That is important news for Hood River and its famous fruit crop, which drinks in glacier water throughout the summer.



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