Roaring Spring


Roaring Spring emerges from old lava flows high in the headwaters of the McKenzie River. Cold (4C), clear and abundant, this spring's flow is equal to 1% of the water in the Willamette River at Portland Harbor.

Summer 2015 Survey Crew on Boulder Creek, Upper McKenzie River

The 2015 drought represents a unique opportunity to test fundamental hypotheses for how mountain streams respond to anticipated and dramatic changes in amount and timing of recharge. Survey Crew; Laura Hempel, Cara Walter, Sarah Lewis & Austin Hall at Boulder Creek, Upper McKenzie River, Oregon.


Will creating artificial (beaver) dams in incised channels in central Oregon help raise the water table and restore meadow grasses for grazing?

Measuring hyporheic flow in the Clackamas River

The Influence of Hyporheic Flow on River Temperature: River water emerging from naturally occurring gravel bars on a hot summer day may be as much as 2°C cooler than mainstem flow. We explored the potential thermal benefits of hyporheic exchange from proposed gravel augmentation on the Clackamas River, Oregon.

The October 2007 breaching of a temporary cofferdam constructed during removal of the 15-meter (m)-tall Marmot Dam on the Sandy River, Oregon, triggered a rapid sequence of fluvial responses as ~730,000 cubic meters (m3) of sand and gravel filling the former reservoir became available to a high-gradient river.

Structure for motion (SfM) survey of Jack Creek

Student Laura Hempel surveys Jack Creek in the Deschutes National Forest with a digital camera and painter's pole. The photos will be processed using a digital photogrammetry technique called "Structure from Motion," that creates a 3D model using photos taken from different angles.

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H.R. Dietterich; G.E. Grant; B. Fasth; J.J. Major; K.V. Cashman , Submitted , Does Lava Flow Like Water? Assessing Applications of Critical Flow Theory to Channelized Lava Flows
C. Roques; D.E. Rupp; J. de Dreuzy; L. Longuevergne; E.R. Jachens; G.E. Grant; L. Aquilina; J. Selker , Submitted , Recession discharge from compartmentalized bedrock hillslopes
R. Gaffney; T. Ohalloran; G. Grant; B. Serpa; S. Wheelock; M. Coppoletta; C. Tague; M. Staudacher; S. Tyler , Submitted , Hydrologic Response to Forest Density Management in a Coniferous Mediterranean Forest: The Importance of Snow to Rain Transition, Drainage and Storage

In Press

J. Bales; A. Bhaskar; G. Characklis; A. Flores; T. Gilmore; J. Gomez-Velez; G.E. Grant; A. Jefferson; S. Khan; S. Ledford; S. Loheide; G. Miller; A. Mishra; A. Nolin; J. VanBriesen; A. Ward; M. Zarnetske; M. Zimmer , In Press , COVID-19 Impacts Highlight the Need for Holistic Evaluation of Research in the Hydrologic Sciences


J.R. Wallick; G.E. Grant; S.T. Lancaster; J.P. Bolte; R. Delinger , 2022 , Patterns and controls on historical channel change in the Willamette River, Oregon USA