Geomorphology Round Table - Winter 2021
Tuesdays, 12-1 PM, virtually over Zoom
The Apennines
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Jan 12 2021


Landscapes Live Seminar - "Faulting and landscapes: a tribute to Patience Cowie" by Alex Whittaker and Mikael Attal

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Jan 19 2021

Eric Kirby

Fault Growth

Jan 26 2021

Whittaker, A. C., Cowie, P. A., Attal, M., Tucker, G. E., & Roberts, G. P. (2007). Bedrock channel adjustment to tectonic forcing: Implications for predicting river incision rates. Geology35(2), 103-106.

PDF icon Whittaker et al. 2007.pdf
Feb 2 2021

Katie Worms

Cowie, P. A., Attal, M., Tucker, G. E., Whittaker, A. C., Naylor, M., Ganas, A., & Roberts, G. P. (2006). Investigating the surface process response to fault interaction and linkage using a numerical modelling approach. Basin Research18(3), 231-266.

PDF icon Cowie et al. 2006.pdf
Feb 9 2021

Cowie et al. 2006 continued

Feb 16 2021

Attal, M., Cowie, P. A., Whittaker, A. C., Hobley, D., Tucker, G. E., & Roberts, G. P. (2011). Testing fluvial erosion models using the transient response of bedrock rivers to tectonic forcing in the Apennines, Italy. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface116(F2).

PDF icon Attal et al. 2011.pdf
Feb 23 2021

Tucker, G. E., McCoy, S. W., Whittaker, A. C., Roberts, G. P., Lancaster, S. T., & Phillips, R. (2011). Geomorphic significance of postglacial bedrock scarps on normal‐fault footwalls. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface116(F1).

PDF icon Tucker et al. 2011.pdf
Mar 2 2021

Benedetti, L., Manighetti, I., Gaudemer, Y., Finkel, R., Malavieille, J., Pou, K., ... & Keddadouche, K. (2013). Earthquake synchrony and clustering on Fucino faults (Central Italy) as revealed from in situ 36Cl exposure dating. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth118(9), 4948-4974.

PDF icon Benedetti et al. 2013.pdf
Mar 9 2021

Roda-Boluda, D. C., D'Arcy, M., Whittaker, A. C., Gheorghiu, D. M., & Rodés, Á. (2019). 10Be erosion rates controlled by transient response to normal faulting through incision and landsliding. Earth and Planetary Science Letters507, 140-153.

PDF icon Roda-Boluda et al. 2019.pdf
Mar 16 2021

Geurts, A. H., Whittaker, A. C., Gawthorpe, R. L., & Cowie, P. A. (2020). Transient landscape and stratigraphic responses to drainage integration in the actively extending central Italian Apennines. Geomorphology353, 107013.

PDF icon Geurts et al. 2020.pdf