The Geomorphology Round Table provides a forum for students and faculty from Oregon State University and affiliated local research organizations to discuss topics in geomorphology in an informal setting. We are from the Colleges of Earth Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry, the US Forest Service and US Geological Survey, and welcome anyone interested in geomorphology to join us! To receive weekly reminders of GRT meetings, join the listserv: https://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/geomorph

Geomorphology Round Table (formerly known as Brown Bag) has been meeting on OSU campus every Fall, Winter & Spring Quarter since 1999, when a few intrepid geomorphologists started getting together for lunch once a week in Marketplace West. Our schedules, topics, speakers and pdfs are archived here, beginning with Fall 2001.

The Southern Alps of New Zealand
The Apennines
Current Research
Things That Go Boom
Current Research
Drainage divides
Mount St. Helens
Geomorphic and landscape response to historical climate change as a window into the future
If we knew what it was we were doing...
The Graded River
Challenging conventional wisdom: new applications and emerging ideas in geomorphology
Current Research
Show & Tell
Hot off the Press
It's been a long, dry summer...
Geomorphology of MARS. Oh yes, we are going there.
Willamette Valley Geomorphology
The quarter we talk about our own stuff
Geomorphology of Cascade Volcanoes
Sedimentation at the Plio-Pleistocene
Student & Faculty Research Presentations
Real Time Geomorphology
Age and incision history of the Grand Canyon
Welcome back y'all!
LiDAR (a.k.a. crack for geomorphologists)
Geomorphology & Ecology
Tell us what you've been up to!
Geomorphology of Tsunamis
How to Review a Journal Publication
Another year, same fall topic
The Future of Geomorphology at OSU
Drainage Basin Characterization
Are you ready for GSA in Portland?
Geomorphic analysis of aerial photographs and imagery
Human Ecology of Landscapes and Watersheds
What's New?
How you spent your summer vacation
G.K Gilbert's Geology of the Henry Mountains
Climate Change
Tales of Summer (Research)
Women in Geomorphology
Recent Papers
Landscape Evolution
Geomorphology of Mt. Hood
Quaternary Geochronology - Methods of Age Estimation
Student & Faculty Research Presentations
Natural Dams in Fluvial Systems
Classic Papers of Geomorphology
Our Neat Research Projects
Interesting techniques in geomorphology (or just the ones you are using)
Non-thesis related current literature
Current Research
Sediment Yield
Let's talk about Geomorphology