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Submitted: State shifts in the deep Critical Zone drive landscape evolution in volcanic terrains
Submitted: Hydrograph Shape and Adjustment Timescales Control Channel Organization in a Sand-Gravel Flume


East A.E., Grant G.E.. 2023. A watershed moment for western U.S. dams. WRR. 59 | DOI | PDF
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Grant G.E., AGU OCommittee. 2021. Report to NSF on AGU community recommendations and ideas regarding implementing Climate Change Solutions. | DOI | PDF | Full Text on ESS Open Archive
Flitcroft R.L, Grant G.E, Kirkland J.. 2021. Let the Fish Do the Talking: How Fish Behavior Is Linked to Patterns of Temperature and Stream Discharge. Science Findings, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station. | PDF
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Major JJ, Grant G.E., Sweeney K., Mosbrucker A.R.. 2020. A multidecade analysis of fluvial geomorphic evolution of the Spirit Lake blockage, Mount St. Helens, Washington. U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2020-5027. :54p.. | DOI | PDF


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Nash C.S, Grant G.E, Selker J, Wondzell SM. 2019. Discussion: “Meadow Restoration Increases Baseflow and Groundwater Storage in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.” By Luke J.H. Hunt, Julie Fair and Maxwell Odland.. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. :1-4. | DOI | PDF
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