2013 Bretz Club Conference & Field Trip

Bretz Club Field Trip discussion at Kentucky Falls (4/27/13) image: S.Lewis
Tectonics & Landscapes on the Edges of Oregon
Oregon Institute for Marine Biology, Charleston, Oregon


2013 Conference Directors:
Josh Roering & Mark Fonstad, University of Oregon, and Sarah Lewis, Oregon State University

Pre-registration is required to attend any portion of this conference...and we are full up. Registration is now closed.

What is the Bretz club?
We are pleased to invite you to the 4th Annual 'Bretz Club', held at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) in lovely Charleston, OR, along the coast.

The conference begins Friday, April 26, at 9am, with three keynote talks (Liz Safran, Lewis & Clark College; Josh Roering, U of Oregon; and Harvey Kelsey, Humbolt State). We encourage you to arrive at OIMB on Thursday night so that you can enjoy morning on the coast and be ready for a big day of provocative science.

We will hold an informal poster session on Friday afternoon. Attendees will also have a chance at their own contributions during a pop-ups session (short 3 minute presentations on quite literally anything from ideas to announcements or otherwise). Friday evening will include continuation of the poster session and highly scientific (and non-scientific) socializing. We’ll provide plenty of ‘supplies’ following dinner to keep the discussion going.

On Saturday, April 27th, we’ll set off for a field trip led by Josh, with contributions from many others. The conference will conclude following the field trip.

This year's cost for the 2-day (2 night) conference is $140 (Students $80). Registration is handled through OSU Conference Services. If you have any questions about billing please contact them directly.

Notes about registering this year:
1) We encourage Thursday night arrival. If you’re resigned to arrive on Friday morning, be sure to get an early start.
2) We are accepting additional donations this year to offset our costs. Feel free to donate early and often, or bring an item of geomorphological interest for our informal raffle at the end.

Schedule (may change at any time without notice):

Tectonics and Landscapes on the Edges of Oregon (program)
Friday, April 26 – Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston, OR (directions & map)
7am: Breakfast
9:00am: Key note #1: Harvey Kelsey (Humboldt State University) "Late Quaternary tectonic deformation in coastal Cascadia - assembling a story with the aid of sea level history, LiDAR and backhoes"
Coffee break
10:45am: Key note #2: Josh Roering (University of Oregon) "The pleasures and perils of steady-state landscapes: A perspective on hillslopes and valleys and history in the Oregon Coast Range"
Noon: Lunch
1:30pm: Key note #3: Liz Safran (Lewis & Clark College) "Eruptions and Interruptions in the High Desert: Do the Rivers Give a Dam?"
Coffee break
4pm: 3 minute Pop-ups on whatever comes to mind!
5:30pm: Dinner
7:00pm: Evening Extravaganza: Poster session, raffle and libations oceanside!

Saturday, April 14 - Field Trip (field trip guide)
Saltate, meander, and plummet: Sediment pathways in the Oregon Coast Range led by Josh Roering et al.
Departure Time 8am (breakfast at 7am), you'll make a sack lunch to take with you. Field trip likely to conclude mid-afternoon at Kentucky Falls.

To recieve information about BretzClub, add your email to the listserv at: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/bretzclub