Bretz Club - Geomorphology for Oregonians

"Ideas without precedent are generally looked upon with disfavor and men are shocked if their conceptions of an orderly world are challenged" - J Harlen Bretz, 1928

The Bretz Club brings together Oregon geomorphologists and those studing Oregon geomorphology to encourage new ideas, new friendships, and new collaborations amongst those sharing a love of the Earth’s surface. We draw inspiration from J. Harlen Bretz, whose ideas about the catastrophic flood origin of geomorphologic features in the Northwest was initially met with skepticism and derision and are modeled after the wildly successful Gilbert Club.

The Bretz Masterminds: Gordon Grant, USDA Forest Service, PNW Research Station; Andrew Meigs, College of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University; Jim O'Connor, US Geological Survey; Josh Roering, University of Oregon; Sarah Lewis, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

To recieve information about BretzClub, add your email to the listserv at: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/bretzclub

Riding the tephra train: sources to sinks , Klamath Outdoor Science School, Chiloquin, OR
Outrageous Hypothesis , Camp Delany, Sun Lake/Dry Falls State Park, Washington
From Magma to Mud: Uplifting, Transporting, and Degrading Stories from Cascadia , Sky Camp, Fall Creek, Oregon
Disturbed! , Virtually on Zoom
Post-fire Geomorphology Free Conference , Virtually on Zoom
Mount St. Helens: Lordy, lordy, look who's 40! , Toutle, WA
Rivers Run Wild! , Camp Kiwanilong, Warrenton, Oregon
Coast by Northwest: Rivers, Shorelines & Tsunamis , Camp Kiwanilong, Warrenton, Oregon
Bretzit (exiting a theme) , Rock Springs Ranch, Tumalo Oregon
Flows on Flows , Rock Springs Ranch, Tumalo, Oregon