2015 Bretz Club Conference & Field Trip

April 11, 2015 Bretz Field Trip at Chenowith Tableland. We are all so happy it's not hailing. (image M. Brunengo)
Willamette Valley Geomorphology
Camp Collins, Gresham, Oregon

Friday April 10 & Saturday April 11, 2015

2015 Conference Directors:
Andrew Meigs & Sarah Lewis, Oregon State University

Pre-registration is required to attend any portion of this conference. Registration is closed! All billing is handled by OSU conference services.

To ensure a prompt start with the WHOLE group Friday morning, registrations costs INCLUDE lodging only (no dinner) Thursday evening. Please plan your travel accordingly!

To receive information about BretzClub, add your email to the listserv at: http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/bretzclub

What is the Bretz club?
We are pleased to invite you to the 6th Annual 'Bretz Club', held at Camp Collins, Oxbow Park, near Gresham, Oregon along the beautiful Sandy River.

The 2015 conference begins Friday, April 10, with three keynote talks, by Rose Wallick (USGS), Roy Haggerty (OSU) and Ian Madin (DOGAMI). Camp Collins will be welcoming us on Thursday night so that we can settle in by the river and be ready for a big day of geomorphology on Friday.

We will hold an informal poster session on Friday afternoon. Attendees will also have a chance at their own contributions to provocative science during a pop-ups session (short 3 minute presentations on quite literally anything from ideas to announcements or otherwise). Friday evening will include continuation of the poster session and highly scientific (and non-scientific) socializing.

On Saturday, April 11th, we’ll set off for a field trip east along the Columbia River led by Jim O'Connor and others. The conference will conclude late afternoon following the field trip. Participants may turn back and head home at any time.

This year's cost for the 2-day (2 night) conference is $150 for professionals and $85 for students. If you register as a student you will be asked to fill a volunteer position during the conference. Registration is handled through OSU Conference Services. If you have any questions about billing please contact them directly.

Notes about registering this year:
1) We encourage Thursday night arrival - lodging is included for Thurs night. If you’re resigned to arrive on Friday morning, be sure to get an early start.
2) You will need to bring your own linens; sheets/blankets or sleeping bag, pillow and towels.
3) Consider donating an item of geomorphological interest to our raffle. Ticket are $5 each and help keep registration costs low.

Schedule (you thought we were joking when we said it might change at any time without much notice, didn't you?):

Friday, April 10 – YMCA Camp Collins, Oxbow Regional Park, Sandy River, Oregon
7:30am: Breakfast
8:30am: Introductions
9am: Key note #1: Rose Wallick (USGS Water Science Center) Landforms and Landscape Transformations of Oregon's Largest River: Geomorphic evolution of the Willamette River from Pleistocene to Present

Coffee break
10:30am: Key note #2: Roy Haggerty (OSU College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences) Willamette Basin Geomorphology and Moderate, Localized Water Scarcity Over the 21st Century Mark Fonstad (UO, Department of Geography) Riverscape Remote Sensing: A Personal Narrative on the Birth of a New Science
Noon: Lunch
2pm: 3 minute Pop-ups on something geomorphological (those who preregister get preference)
Coffee break
4pm: Key note #3: Ian Madin (Oregon Department of Geology, and Mineral Industries) Lidar Locates Lurking Landslides: New approaches to landslide research using Oregon's lidar collection
5:30pm: Dinner
7:00pm: Evening Extravaganza: Poster session and raffle!

Saturday, April 11 - Field Trip

Columbia River musings, the Miocene, Missoula floods, and Mima mounds (plus some loess and landslides!) led by Jim O’Connor and friends. 

Download field guide and supplemental readings (A, B & C) below.
Departure Time 8:30am (breakfast at 7:30am), you'll get a sack lunch to take with you. Carpooling encouraged and filed trip proper will leave from Lewis & Clark State Park at 9am. The field trip will head as far east as the mouth of the Deschutes River and will conclude in the late afternoon. Those needing to may turn back west at any time.