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Watershed Processes Group

Watershed Processes Group

Recent Publications


L. Karlstrom, N. Klema, G. E. Grant, P. L. Sullivan, C. Finn, S. Cooley, B. Fasth, K. Cashman, A. Simpson, K. Ferrier, L. Ball, D. McKay, 9999, Submitted: State shifts in the deep Critical Zone drive landscape evolution in volcanic terrains
L.A. Hempel, G.E. Grant, M. A. Hassan, S. L. Lewis, A.J. Jefferson, B. Fasth, 9999, Submitted: Hydrograph Shape and Adjustment Timescales Control Channel Organization in a Sand-Gravel Flume


A.E. East; G.E. Grant, 2023, A watershed moment for western U.S. dams
X. Comas; S. Kruse; G. Grant; B. Hanson; L. Lyon, 2023, Envisioning a near-surface geophysics center for convergent science


H.R. Dietterich; G.E. Grant; K.V. Cashman; B. Fasth; J.J. Major, 2022, Can lava flow like water? Applying hydraulic critical flow theory to measuring lava effusion rates