Geomorphology Brown Bag - Fall 2001
Friday 12-1 PM in various locations
Let's talk about Geomorphology

Seminar will meet as noted below in Forestry Sciences Laboratory Old Conference Room (FSL 200) or Wilkinson (WLKN) 127. Copies of the papers will be available one week in advance at the seminar, in Wilkinson (WLKN) 208 or in Forestry Sciences Lab (FSL) 287.

Date Presenter Topic
Oct 5 2001


Marketplace West

organizational meeting

Oct 12 2001

Greg Stewart

FSL 200

Lane, S.N., and Richards, K.S. 1997. Linking river channel form and process: Time, space and causality revisited. Earth Surface Process and Landforms, 22 (3), 249-260

PDF icon linking channel form and process.pdf
Oct 19 2001

Chris Bromley

FSL 200

Simon, A., and Thorne, C.R. 1996. Channel adjustment of an unstable coarse-grained stream: opposing trends of boundary and critical shear stress, and the applicability of extremal hypotheses. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms v21, p155-180

Oct 26 2001

Jamie Carter

FSL 200

Booker, D.J., Sear, D.A., and Payne A.J., 2001. Modelling three-dimensional flow structures and patterns of boundary shear stress, in a natural pool-riffle sequence. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, v26, p553-576

PDF icon modelling 3d flow and shear stress.pdf
Nov 2 2001

Andrew Meigs

WLKN 127

House, M.A., Wernickle, B.P., and Farley, K.A., 1998. Dating topography of the Sierra Nevada, CA, using apatite (U-Th)/ He ages: Nature v 396 p66-69

Nov 9 2001

Gordon Grant

WLKN 127

Lenzi, M.A., 2001. Step-pool evolution in the Rio Cordon, northeastern Italy. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 26: 991-1008.

PDF icon Lenzi 2001.pdf
Nov 16 2001

Julia Jones

WLKN 127

Madej, M.A. 2001. Development of channel organization and roughness following sediment pulses in single-thread gravel bed rivers. Water Resources Research 37: 2259-2272

Nov 23 2001



Nov 30 2001

Jay Noller

WLKN 127

Bryan, R.B., 2000. Soil erodibility and process of water erosion on hillslope. Geomorphology 32: 385-415.

PDF icon 2000_Bryan_Geom.pdf