College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2002
Friday 12-1PM in Wilkinson 127

By popular vote our seminar this quarter will focus on the great state of Alaska. Copies of the papers will be available one week in advance at the seminar, in Wilkinson (WLKN) 208 or in Forestry Sciences Lab (FSL) 287.

Presenter: Andrew Meigs

Overview of Alaska Geology

Presenter: Stephen Lancaster

Whipple, K.X., Snyder, N.P and Dollenmayer, K. 2000. Rates and processes of bedrock incision by the Upper Ukak River since the 1912 Novarupta ash flow in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Alaska. Geology v. 28 no. 9 p. 835-838.

Presenter: Greg Stewart

Dorava, J.M and Milner, A.M. 2000. Role of lake regulation on glacier-fed rivers in enhancing salmon productivity: the Cook Inlet watershed, south-central Alaska, USA. Hydrological Processes v. 14 no.16-17 p. 3149-3159.

Presenter: Chris Bromley

Sidle, R.C., and Milner, A.M. 1989. Stream development in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, U.S.A. Artic and Alpine Research v. 21 no. 4 p. 350-363.

Presenter: Jamie Carter

Martin, D.J. 2001. The influence of geomorphic factors and geographic region on large woody debris loading and fish habitat in Alaska coastal streams. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 21: 429-440.

Presenter: John Selker, Gilmore 234


Presenter: Michelle Arsenault

Pfeffer, W.T., Cohn, J., Meier, M., and Krimmel, R.M. 2000. Alaskan Glacier Beats a Dramatic Retreat. Eos, v. 81 no. 48 p577,584.

Presenter: Sarah Lewis

Atwater et al., 2001. Rapid resetting of an estuarine recorder of the 1964 Alaska earthquake. GSA Bulletin v.113 no.9 p.1193-1204.

Presenter: Sara Ashley

Mayo, L.R. 1989. Advance of the Hubbard Glacier and 1986 outburst of Russel Fiord, Alaska, USA. Annals of Glaciology 13: 189-194.

Presenter: Sonya Newell

Phillips, A.C, and Smith, N.D., 1992. Delta slope processes and turbidity currenty in prodeltaic submarine channels, Queen Inlet, Glacier Bay, Alaska. Canadian Journal of Earth Science 29: 93-101.