Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2003
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006
Non-thesis related current literature

We'd like to get back to a literature-based seminar this winter - all that we ask is that you provide a paper to read one week in advance (pdf if possible) and come prepared with a short summary and questions to guide our discussion. Since last quarter focused on current research, we encourage non-thesis related topics this time around....

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 10 2003

Chris Bromley

The geomorphic evolution of the Lake Mills Reservoir Delta, Elwha River, WA: complex response, delta progradation, and its implications for sediment management during dam removal

Jan 17 2003

Sarah Lewis

Sommerfield, C.K., Drake, D.E., Wheatcroft, R.A. 2002. Shelf record of climatic changes in flood magnitude and frequency, north-coastal California. Geology 30: 395-398.

PDF icon Sommerfieldetal.2002.pdf
Jan 24 2003

Anne Jefferson

Knight, J. and Burningham, H. 2003. Recent ventifiact development on the central Oregon coast, western USA. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 28: 87-98

PDF icon knight.pdf
Jan 31 2003

Greg Stewart

Buffington, J.M., Lisle, T.E., Woodsmith,R.D. & Hilton, S. 2002. Controls on the size and occurrence of pools in coarse-grained forest river. River Research and Applications, 18: 507-531

PDF icon Buffington.pdf
Feb 7 2003

Colin Robins

Gutierrez-Elorza, M. et al. 2002. Yardangs in the semiarid central sector of the Ebro Depression (NE Spain). Geomorphology 44: 155-170.

PDF icon Gutierrez-Elorza2002.pdf
Feb 14 2003

Noah Synder, USGS/Santa Cruz

"Preliminary results from the 2002 Englebright Lake coring project: a record of rapid sedimentation in the Yuba River system" (no associated reading)

Feb 21 2003

Andrew Meigs

Riebe, C.S., Kirchner, J.W., Granger, D.E. and Finkel, R.C. 2001. Minimal climatic control on erosion rates in the Sierra Nevada, California. Geology 29: 447-450.  AND

Peizhen, Z., Molnar, P., and Downs, W. 2001. Increased sedimentation rates and grain sizes 2-4 Myr ago due to the influence of climate change on erosion rates. Nature 410: 891-897. 

PDF icon 2001_41_minimal_climatic.pdf, PDF icon zhang_molnar.pdf
Feb 28 2003

Jeff Ninnemann

Roering, J. J.; Almond, P.; Tonkin, P.; McKean, J. 2002. Soil transport driven by biological processes over millennial time scales. Geology 30 (12): 1115-1118

PDF icon 2002GeologyTephra.pdf
Mar 7 2003

Jeff McDonnell

"Hydrogeomorphic Intercomparison: A Hydrologist's Struggle with Geomorphological Controls on Watershed Hydrology" (no associated reading)

Mar 14 2003

Reed Glasmann

"Mineralogical properties of the bathtub ring: the zero edge of Missoula Flood deposits in the Willamette Valley" (no associated reading)