College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Fall 2003
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006
Our Neat Research Projects


Welcome Back Everyone!!

Once again, fall quarter will be all about YOU! Tell us what you did over the summer. Bring our new students up to speed on how cool your research is, and get feedback from our brown bag veterans.

Contrary to popular belief, powerpoint is not mandatory to present your research - we have an overhead projector and slide projector available as well. Or you can just talk. We can be good listeners.

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Presenter: Group

eat brownies and decide we should have snack every week

(Sarah - brownies)

Presenter: Greg Stewart

Dam Removal: a "how to guide" for the five year PhD

(Jon - squash pie)

Presenter: Josh Wyrick

The Erosion (or Lack Thereof) at Irish Bend: A study of the Willamette's meander limits

(Rose - carrot cake)

Presenter: Jeff Ninnemann

Time-scales of Hyporheic Exchange Along the River Continuum OR
How Water Moves Through Gravel: Big Gravel, Little Gravel, Medium Gravel, Gravel Behind Wood, Gravel Behind Boulders, Gravel Everywhere

(Sarah - apple cake)

Presenter: Will Russell, FSL west conference room

Topographic Sensitivity to Gully Erosion After Fires: deriving empirical proxies to scale long-term disturbance effects on sediment yield to channels

(Andrew - halloween candy)

Presenter: Colin Robins & Brian Blankespoor

Our Big, Fat, Cyprus Survey Project: Interdisciplinary Geomorphology in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus. OR Gettin' MEDIEVAL on Main Stream Geomorphology: Applications of Archaeology, Geomorphology, and Pedogenesis to Comprehensive Landscape Analysis.

(Colin & Brian - fried cheese and chocolate cookies)

Presenter: Peter Wampler

Gravel Augmentation below River Mill Dam, Clackamas River: How to make a bed, feed a hungry river, and listen to rock music.

(Anne - bar cookies)

Presenter: Anne Jefferson

Hot weather and cold water: Results from the 2003 field season on High Cascades springs (with an introduction by Jon Pennington entitled "Who I am, what I plan to do, and why it will take me longer than my expected life expectancy to do it")

(Jeff's wife - banana bread)

Presenter: NO MEETING


Presenter: Rose Wallick

Floods, floodplain conversion & bank material properties: Assembling a model of channel evolution along the Upper Willamette 1850-1995