Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2007
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006
Climate Change

This quarter we will expand our understanding of how current and projected climate trends influence geomorphology. We will read articles that discuss historic and future impacts of climate fluctuations as well as draw on paleo analogs when appropriate.

Please provide a paper copy or pdf a week in advance to allow the group time to read the article.

email Sarah to get on our weekly reminder list or sign up to present.

Date Presenter Topic
Jan 12 2007

Gordon Grant

O'Connor & Costa, 1993. Geologic and hydrologic hazards in glacierized basins in North America resulting from 19th and 20th century global warming. Natural Hazards 8:121-140.

PDF icon 93_OConnor&Costa_glaciers.pdf
Jan 19 2007


Climate variability and past and projected trends. Suggested reading IPCC, 2001 Summary for policymakers & Chapter 2, Observed Climate Variability & Change. (link to complete IPCC report).

For regional perspective Regonda et al., 2005.

PDF icon IPCC_2001_intro.pdf, PDF icon IPCC_2001_2.pdf, PDF icon 2005_Regonda-etal-jclim.pdf
Jan 26 2007

Sarah Lewis & Stephen Lancaster

Tucker, G. E., and R. Slingerland, 1997, Drainage basin responses to climate change, Water Resour. Res., 33(8), 2031–2047

PDF icon 97_Tucker&Slingerland_WRR.pdf
Feb 2 2007

Emily Underwood

Swanson, Frederick J. 1981. Fire and geomorphic processes. In: Mooney, H. A.; Christensen, T. M.; Lotan, J. E.; Reiners, W. A., eds. Proceedings of the conference on fire regimes and ecosystems; Honolulu, HI. Gen. Tech. Rep. WO-26. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service: 401-420.

PDF icon 81_swanson.pdf
Feb 9 2007

Barbara Burkholder

Goudie, Andrew S. 2006. Global warming and fluvial geomorphology Geomorphology, 79 (3-4) 30 Pages 384-394

PDF icon 06_Goudie_Geomorph.pdf
Feb 16 2007


Suja & Starkel, 2007. Extreme rainfalls in Eastern Himalaya and southern slope of Meghalaya Plateau and their geomorphologic impacts. Geomorphology 84: 170–180

PDF icon 07_Soja&Starkel_geomorph.pdf
Feb 23 2007


Mar 2 2007


Martin Evans & Olav Slaymaker, 2004. Spatial and temporal variability of sediment delivery from alpine lake basins, Cathedral Provincial Park, southern British Columbia. Geomorphology 61: 209–224.

PDF icon 04_Evans&Slaymaker_Geomorph.pdf
Mar 9 2007