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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2007
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006
G.K Gilbert's Geology of the Henry Mountains

This quarter we will read G.K. Gilbert's treatise on the Henry Mountains, and explore it's influence on modern geomorphologic investigations. Every 2 weeks, we will examine one section of chapter V (Land Sculpture) alongside a more recent paper.

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Presenter: Jay Noller

Henry Mountains & G.K. Gilbert (introduction)

Presenter: Sam Vanlaningham

Tracking the response of rivers to climate change in the Pacific Northwest through sediment provenance

Presenter: Gordon Grant
Presenter: Group

Chapter V. Land Sculpture: I. Erosion

Presenter: Group

Dietrich et al., 2003. Geomorphic Transport Laws for Predicting Landscape Form and Dynamics in Prediction in Geomorphology, P.R. Wilcock and R.M. Iverson eds. American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC.

Presenter: Group

Erosion & Dietrich et al., 2003, continued.

Presenter: Group

Chapter V. Land Sculpture: II. Sculpture

Presenter: Group

Montgomery, 1994. Valley incision and the uplift of mountain peaks. JGR 99(B7) 13913-13921.

Presenter: Group

Chapter V. Land Sculpture: III. Systems of drainage

Presenter: Group

continued discussion