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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Fall 2010
Tuesday noon to 1 pm in ALS 3096
Another year, same fall topic

Welcome back to Geomorphology brownbag!

Although brownbag took a summer vacation, chance is your research didn't. Fall quarter we provide a forum for constructive feedback on advances in student (and faculty) research in geomorphology. There won't necessarily be papers to read, but we do ask that the presenters come prepared with something to engage our attention (maps/data/handouts/photos/video clips, etc...). You can provide an article in advance for us to discuss that is relevant to your research. Or you can just talk. We can be good listeners.

email Sarah to reserve a time slot, or visit to sign up for the list-serv.

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Introductions & sign-ups for fall schedule

Presenter: Andrew McFadden

Sediment transport at an ecological restoration site in the Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Presenter: Andrew Meigs

Pierce and Morgan, 2009. Is the track of the Yellostone hotspot driven by a deep mantle plume? Journal of Volcanlogy and Geothermal Research, 188: 1-25. pages 13-22 are most relevant.

Presenter: Terry Frueh

Quantifying charcoal budgets in steeplands: Partially-coupled charcoal-sediment storage and transport, GSA practice talk

Presenter: Greg Hancock, visting scholar, Richardson 107

Rebuilding disturbed landscapes - How computer models can aid environmental rehabilitation.

Presenter: NO MEETING
Presenter: Stephen Lancaster

Evolution of a tumble-down landscape

Presenter: Group

Choose Winter 2011 Topic

Presenter: Gordon Grant

Dams & Gravel Bed Rivers

Presenter: Jack Zunka