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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Fall 2011
Tuesday 12 - 1 pm in ALS 3096
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Welcome back to Geomorphology brownbag!

Although brownbag took a summer vacation, chance is your research didn't. Fall quarter we provide a forum for constructive feedback on advances in student (and faculty) research in geomorphology. There won't necessarily be papers to read, but we do ask that the presenters come prepared with something to engage our attention (maps/data/handouts/photos/video clips, etc...). You can provide an article in advance for us to discuss that is relevant to your research. Or you can just talk. We can be good listeners.

email Sarah to reserve a time slot, or visit to sign up for the list-serv.

Presenter: Gordon Grant, FSL 200

Elwha River Dam Removal - come play with the stream table!

Presenter: Chris Madden

Using geomorphic slip estimates from past earthquakes to forecast the timing of future earthquakes

Presenter: Cristina Martin Moreno

An approach to understanding the main environmental problem of the Upper Tagus Natural Park (Guadalajara province, Spain): Identification of sediment sources and their quantification.

MARTIN MORENO ET AL.pdf , Attachments:
2008_EA_SER_0112.pdf , Attachments:
2011_Bodoqueetal.pdf , Attachments:
2008_Godfreyetal.pdf , Attachments:
Presenter: Stephen Lancaster

Late glacial and holocene fire history from radiocarbon dating of charcoal in valley-bottom sediments in small watersheds of the Oregon Coast Range
Preparatory reading:
Long, e tal., 1998, A 9000-year fire history from the Oregon Coast Range, based on a high-resolution charcoal study: Canadian Journal of Forest Research, v. 28, p. 774–787.

Presenter: Fred Swanson

The May 2008 eruption of Chaiten Volcano (S. Chile) - some volcanology, geomorphology, ecology, and human dimensions. EOS article & figure; volcanism blog post.

Presenter: group

choose Winter 2011 topic and EAT CAKE

Presenter: Kristen Kirkby

Patterns of habitat availability and salmonid-use around debris-flow deposits of varying age in four streams in the Oregon Coast Range.

Presenter: Rachel LovellFord

Can I make an "ichthyograph?": Using metrics and techniques for analyzing hydrographs to assess upriver Coho migration

Presenter: Nick Legg

Talking to trees: a summer of debris flow research on Mount Rainier

Presenter: Mohammad Safeeq

Coupling Snowpack and Groundwater Dynamics to Interpret Streamflow Trends in the Western United States