College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2012
Tuesday 12 - 1 pm in Wilkinson 203
LiDAR (a.k.a. crack for geomorphologists)


We will start off the quarter with some invited speakers and hands-on time in a computer lab, then spend the third half of the quarter in our usual hodge-podge of reading relevant papers or hearing about your ongoing LiDAR research.

check the schedule below for available dates and email Sarah with your topic to sign up to present

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Presenter: Ian Madin, DOGAMI

“High Resolution Lidar in Oregon: An unmatched dataset for innovative earth science research"

Presenter: Mike Olsen

Use of LIDAR to study seacliff erosion\coastal landslides

Presenter: Fred Swanson

Discussion of landforms viewed on LIDAR of Andrews Forest and neighboring Upper Blue River

Presenter: Nick Legg

Hands-on in COMPUTER CLASSROOM Kidder Hall 033

Presenter: Russ Faux, Watershed Sciences

"Airborne LiDAR for Rivers and Streams: What is Hydro-Treatment?" and "Developments in Shallow Water Airborne Laser Bathymetry"

Presenter: NO MEETING

but come hear Tom Dunne give the Hollis Dole lecture "Evolution of Floodplain Complexity"
Thursday May 10, 4pm Gilfillan Audtorium

Presenter: Allison Danner

thesis research presentation (+/- LiDAR)

Presenter: NO MEETING
Presenter: Daniel Garcia-Castellanos (visiting UO)

Burt 193; Joint with G&G - Tectonic and Erosion Competing at the Gate of the Mediterranean: Mechanics of the Messinian Salinity Crisis

Presenter: NO MEETING