College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2013
Tuesday 12-1 PM in Wilkinson 203
Real Time Geomorphology

all you need is a YouTube video and a related geomorph paper. Ready, set, GO!

check the schedule below for available dates and email Sarah with your topic to sign up to present

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Presenter: Andrew,  
Presenter: Lalo,  

Glaciations in response to climate variations preconditioned by evolving topography;


Presenter: Gordon,  

Hawaiian Lava-Flow Dynamics;  Lava Waves Video


Presenter: Noam Greenbaum, University of Haifa,  
Presenter: Laura,  

Flood hydrology and geomorphic effectiveness in the central appalachians


Presenter: Caroline,  

Bedrock erosion by root fracture and tree throw


Presenter: Jay,  

Evidence for a rock-avalanche origin for ‘The Hillocks’ “moraine”, Otago, New Zealand