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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2014
Tuesday 12-1 PM in Wilkinson 203
Sedimentation at the Plio-Pleistocene


Is there a Pliocene-Pleistocene increase in sediment flux from continents to the oceans? Why or why not? The data is in the stratigraphic record, but the why is in the geomorphology. We will begin with an overview then you can pick from these suggestions or offer up your own:

The What:
Zhang et al., 2001 - Nature (sedimentologic "evidence" for a global increase in sediment accumulation rates)
Molnar, 2004 - Annual Reviews (develops idea in Zhang in detail)
Willett, 2010 - Annual Reviews (climate driver of increased erosion in Alps)
Willenbring and von Blanckenburg, 2010 - Nature (counter argument for NO increase in erosion)
Herman et al., 2013 - Nature (just published last week - again arguing for an increase, from a different data set)

The Why:
Molnar, 2001 - Geology (argument for climate, discharge variability and erosion rates)
Lague et al., 2005 - JGR, ES (how discharge variability drives changes in fluvial incision)
Molnar et al., 2006 - JGR, ES (reevaluation of flood statistics and sediment transport)
DiBiasi and Whipple, 2011 - JGR, ES (case study of how to link discharge variability and erosion rates)

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Presenter: Andrew,  

Introduction - Church papers.


Presenter: Laura,  

Increased sedimentation rates and grain sizes 2–4 Myr ago due to the influence of climate change on erosion rates

Late Cenozoic increase in accumulation rates of terrestrial sediment: how might climate change have affected erosion rates?


Zhang et al., 2001.pdf , Attachments:
Molnar, 2004.pdf
Presenter: Eric,  

Long-term stability of global erosion rates and weathering during late-Cenozoic cooling


Presenter: Eric,  

Tectonic forcing of late Cenozoic climate


Presenter: Group,  

Late Neogene Erosion of the Alps: A Climate Driver?


Presenter: Lalo,  

Dating Fluvial Terraces with 10Be and Al26 profiles: application to the Wind River, Wyoming


Presenter: Caroline,  

Discharge, discharge variability, and the bedrock channel profile


Presenter: Lalo,  

Numerical modeling of fluvial strath-terrace formation in response to oscillating climate


2002 Hancock.pdf
Presenter: Eric & Andrew,  

A signature of transience in bedrock river incision rates over timescales of 104-107 years

Worldwide acceleration of mountain erosion under a cooling climate - link to article

Herman et al., 2012 News&Views