Geomorphology Brown Bag - Fall 2015
Tuesday 12 - 1 pm in Wilkinson 203
It's been a long, dry summer...

Welcome to another year of Geomorphology brownbag!

Fall is when catch up with each other (and our research) after a long dry summer, and this one's been drier than usual. Except for those of us studying geomorphic response to drought. Then it's been fascinating.

Use brown bag as an informal forum to remind everyone what you are doing, report on the progress you've made, get advice (heckling) on what to do next, or just show cool photos and make us envious of your adventures. We'll also set aside the weeks before GSA and AGU for practice talks & posters. We do ask that you come prepared with something to engage our attention (maps/data/handouts/photos/video clips, etc...). You can provide an article in advance for us to discuss that is relevant to your research. Or you can just talk. Some of us are very good listeners.

email Sarah to reserve a time slot, or visit http://lists.oregonstate.edu/mailman/listinfo/geomorph to sign up for the list-serv.

Date Presenter Topic
Sep 29 2015


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Oct 6 2015

Jack Zunka

Pretty Meanders or Ugly Weathering Rinds. Or Both?

Oct 13 2015


Stephen Lancaster

Big Bedrock Meanders: Palimpsests, Structure, or Megafloods?

Oct 20 2015

Gabe Creason

Mountains, Rivers and Faults – Oh My!

Oct 27 2015

Sarah Lewis

How low will they go? The response of headwater streams in the Oregon Cascades to the 2015 drought - GSA Practice POSTER

Nov 3 2015

Vance Almquist


Nov 10 2015

Caroline Nash

Geophysics results bonanza; Beavers & meadows & holes, oh my!

Nov 17 2015

Carolyn Gombert 

Reading between the gravel: Sediment sorting profile of alluvial fans

Nov 24 2015

Eric Kirby

Deconvolving the history of surface deformation in the Appalachian orogen during the Late Cenozoic (AGU / CIDER Practice Talk)

Dec 1 2015

Russell Bair

Modeling the Effect of Geomorphic Change Triggered by Large Wood Addition on Salmon Habitat in a Forested Coastal Watershed- An eventual AGU poster

Dec 8 2015

Laurel Stratton

Scott Katz

Laura Hempel

Hydrologic regime controls pattern and architecture of woody debris in mountain streams

The influence of sediment transport dynamics on benthic primary production in mountain headwater streams