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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Round Table - Spring 2016
Wilkinson 203 noon to 1 pm
Show & Tell

Show us your publications. Tell us your stories.

Share a paper that you (or your advisor) authored or co-authored.  It can be something you are particularly proud of, or something you wished you'd done differently.

Whatever you pick, you MUST tell us an anecdote about the research process or publication experience related to the paper.


Students: This quarter GRT is also listed as GEO_505_002_S2016, 1 credit Reading & Conference/Special Topics in Geomorphology.

Presenter: GUEST LECTURE, ***BURT 193***

Dr. Jessica Tierney, University of Arizona - The Green Sahara revisted

Presenter: Gordon Grant

Grant G.E, O'Connor J.E, Wolman MG.  2013.  A River Runs Through It: Conceptual Models in Fluvial Geomorphology. In: Shroder, J. (Editor in Chief), Wohl, E. (Ed.), Treatise on Geomorphology. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, vol. 9, Fluvial Geomorphology, pp. 6–21.

Presenter: Laura Hempel

Grant, Tague & Allen, 2013. Watering the Forests for the Trees Front Ecol Environ; doi:10.1890/120209

Oliver, Grant & Burkholder, 2011. Thermal Pollution and Rivers USFS Science Findings Issue 133.

Presenter: Andrew Meigs

Meigs A., Krugh, W.C., Davis, K., Bank, G. 2006. Ultra-rapid landslide response and sediment yield following glacier retreat, Icy Bay, southern Alaska. Geomorphology

Ekstrom, G. & Stark, C. 2013. Simple Scaling of Catastrophic Landslide Dynamics. Science 339: 1416 - 1419.

Presenter: Visting Scientist, Dr. David Rowley, University of Chicago

Origin of Earth’s Bimodal Topography: The role of water

Presenter: Sarah Lewis

Ridge et al., 2012. The new North American varve chronology: a precise record of southeastern Laurentide Ice Sheet deglaciation and climate, 18.2–12.5 kyr BP, and correlations with Greenland ice core records. American Journal of Science  312: 685-722.

This publication received GSA's QGG Division Kirk Bryan Award in 2014 for a recent paper of distinction. Please read the award citation and response for context.

KBA_Ridge_etal_2012.pdf , Attachments:
Presenter: Wesley Von Dassow

Harkins et al., 2007. Transient fluvial incision in the headwaters of the Yellow River, northeastern Tibet, China. JGR 112: F03S04, doi:10.1029/2006JF000570.

Harkins & Kirby, 2008. Fluvial terrace riser degradation and determination of slip rates on strike-slip faults: An example from the Kunlun fault, China. GRL 35: L05406, doi:10.1029/2007GL033073.

Presenter: Rob Holman

Pianca C., Holman, R., Siegle, E. 2015. shoreline variability from days to decades: Results of long-term video imaging. JGR: Oceans 120, doi:10.1002/2014JC010329.

Presenter: Caroline Nash

Grant GE.  1997.  Critical flow constrains flow hydraulics in mobile-bed streams: A new hypothesis. Water Resources Research. 33:349-358.

Presenter: 1PM, Burt 193, Lalo Guerrero

Thesis Defense: Quaternary Landscape Evolution and the Surface Expression of Plume-Lithosphere Interactions in the Greater Yellowstone Area