Geomorphology Round Table - Fall 2020
Tuesdays, 12-1 PM, virtually over Zoom
Current Research
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Sep 29 2020


Introductions and Sign-Ups

Oct 6 2020

Stephen Lancaster

Oct 13 2020

Ellen Lamonte

Oct 20 2020

Andrew Meigs

Oct 27 2020

LaHusen, S.R., Duvall, A.R., Booth, A.M., Grant, A., Mishkin, B.A., Montgomery, D.R., Struble, W., Roering, J.J. and Wartman, J., 2020. Rainfall triggers more deep-seated landslides than Cascadia earthquakes in the Oregon Coast Range, USA. Science Advances6(38), p.eaba6790.

PDF icon LaHusen et al. 2020.pdf
Nov 3 2020

Ben Mason

Massive flowslides caused by the 2018 Palu-Donggala (Indonesia) Earthquake

Nov 10 2020

Gabe Gordon and USGS team

Discussion of recent fires and associated geomorphic and hydrologic hazards

Nov 17 2020
Nov 24 2020


Wall, S.A., Roering, J.J. and Rengers, F.K., 2020. Runoff-initiated post-fire debris flow Western Cascades, Oregon. Landslides17(7), pp.1649-1661.

PDF icon Wall et al. - 2020 - Runoff-initiated post-fire debris flow Western Cas.pdf
Dec 1 2020