Geomorphology Brown Bag - Winter 2008
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3096


"The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean”
Mark Twain on Hawaii

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Date Presenter Topic
Jan 11 2008


Jan 18 2008


Introduction to Hawaiian Geology.
USGS Professional Paper 1350 Volume 1; please read selected intro sections; (optional complete Chapter 1 Part I; Chapter 7)

PDF icon pp1350_vol1_selected_intro.pdf, PDF icon pp1350_vol1_chap1_partI.pdf, PDF icon pp1350_vol1_chap7.pdf
Jan 25 2008

Terry Frueh

Calhoun RS, Fletcher CH, 1999. Measured and predicted sediment yield from a subtropical, heavy rainfall, steep-sided river basin: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaiian Islands Geomorphology 30(3): 213-226.

PDF icon 1999_Calhoun&Fletcher.pdf
Feb 1 2008

Jay Noller

Crews et al., 1995. Changes in soil phosphorous fractions and ecosystem dynamics across a long chronosequence in Hawaii Ecology 76(5):1407-1424.

PDF icon Crewsetal_1995.pdf
Feb 8 2008

Andrew Meigs

James G. Moore,Wiliam R. Normark, Robin T. Holcomb 1994a. Giant Hawaiian Landslides. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 22:119-144.
summary paper: Moore; Normark; Holcomb 1994b. Giant Hawaiian Underwater Landslides. Science. 264(5155): 46-47.
further reading: Andrea Borgia, Paul T. Delaney, Roger P. Denlinger. 2000. Spreading Volcanoes. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci. 28:539–70.

PDF icon Moore_1994a_GiantLS.pdf, PDF icon Moore_1994b_HawaiiLS.pdf, PDF icon Spreading Volcs_2000.pdf
Feb 15 2008

Beth Copeland

Porter, S. 2005. Pleistocene snowlines and glaciation of the Hawaiian Islands Quaternary International 138-139: 118-128.

PDF icon Porter_2005_HawaiiGlac.pdf
Feb 22 2008

Rose Wallick

Lamb et al. 2007. Formation of ampitheater-headed valleys by waterfall erosion after large-scale slumping on Hawai'i. GSA Bulletin 199(7/8): 805-822.

PDF icon Lamb_etal_Hawaii.pdf
Feb 29 2008

Gordon Grant & Sarah Lewis

J. Hoover Mackin. 1963. Rational and Empirical Methods of Investigation in Geology in Fabric of Geology, C.C. Albritton, ed. Freeman, Cooper & Company, Stanford, California.

PDF icon 63_JHMackin.pdf
Mar 7 2008

Stephen Lancaster

Seidl, MA, Dietrich, W.E., Kirchner, J.W. 1994. Longitudinal Profile Development into Bedrock: An Analysis of Hawaiian Channels. Journal of Geology 102: 457-474.

PDF icon Seidl_EtAl_JGeology_1994.pdf
Mar 14 2008

Melanie Malone & Sarah Hash

Chadwick, OA, EF Kelly, SC Hotchkiss, PM Vitousek. 2007. Precontact vegetation and soil nutrient status in the shadow of Kohala Volcano, Hawaii. Geomorphology 89:70-83

PDF icon ChadwickEtAl2007.pdf