Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2011
Tuesday noon to 1 pm in ALS 3096
Geomorphology of Tsunamis

The Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 reminds us of the vulnerability of our own region and coastline to a similar event.

This quarter we will discuss what we know (and what we don't know) about tsunamis. Some possible discussion topics:

1) Tsunami-generating mechanisms
2) Oceanic propagation of tsunamis: spread, fluid dynamics, and bathymetry
3) Rheological changes as the tsunami moves inland (Gordon)
4) Stratigraphy/depositional record of historical tsunamis
5) Human/tsunami interaction

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Date Presenter Topic
Apr 5 2011


Open discussion of the 3/11/11 Tohuku Earthquake and Tsunami

Apr 5 2011

Andrew Meigs

Overview of subduction zone earthquake generation, tsunami, and coastal change.

PDF icon 2005_Stevenson.pdf, PDF icon 2010_Leonardetal.pdf
Apr 12 2011

Peter Ruggiero

Tsunamis/nearshore bathymetry/fluid dynamics

PDF icon 2007_Jaffe&Gelfenbaum.pdf
Apr 19 2011

Nick Legg

MacInnes, B.T., Bourgeois, J., Pinegina, T.K., and Kravchunovskaya, E.A., 2009, Tsunami geomorphology: Erosion and deposition from the 15 November 2006 Kuril Island tsunami: Geology, v. 37, no. 11, p. 995-998.

PDF icon 2009_MacInnesetal.pdf
Apr 26 2011

Rachel LovellFord

Scheffers, A., andKelletat, D. 2003. Sedimentologic and geomorphologic tsunami imprints worldwide - a review. Earth-Sceince Reviews 63:83-92.

Bryant E.A., and Nott, J. 2001. Geological Indicators of Large Tsunami in Australia. Natural Hazards 42: 231-249.

PDF icon 2003_Scheffers&Kelletat.pdf, PDF icon 2001_Bryant&Nott.pdf
May 3 2011

Diana DiLeonardo

Fagherazzi, S. and Du, X. 2008. Tsunamigenic incisions produced by the December 2004 earthquake along the coasts of Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka: Geomorphology 99:120-129

PDF icon 2008_Fagherazzi&Du.pdf
May 10 2011

Terry Frueh

Peters, R., Jaffe, B. and Gelfenbaum, G. 2007. Distribution and sedimentary characteristics of tsunami deposits along the Cascadia margin of western North America. Sedimentary Geology 200:372-386.

PDF icon 2007_Petersetal.pdf
May 17 2011

Jay Noller

Noller et at, in prep: Preliminary field and GIS-based Assessment of Tsunami Hazard on Cyprus

May 24 2011



May 31 2011

Rob Witter, USGS

Tsunami deposits from Tohuku quake in Sendai, Japan.

PDF icon 2008_Sawaietal.pdf, PDF icon 1994_Minouraetal.pdf, PDF icon 2001_Minouraetal.pdf