College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2014
Tuesday 12 - 1 pm in Wilkinson 203
Geomorphology of Cascade Volcanoes


Getting our background reading in for Bretz Club, April 11 & 12, 2014, and then exploring our backyard.

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Presenter: Laura,  

Climate Change, flooding in arid environments and erosion rates


Presenter: <strong>11:30am to 12:30pm today only</strong>, Andrew / Adam Kent, &nbsp;, &nbsp;

Overview of the constructional history of Mt. Hood; glacier images


Presenter: Jack, &nbsp;

Removal of Marmot Dam, Sandy River, Major et al., 2012


Presenter: Group, &nbsp;

Debrief of Bretz Club - Field guide


Presenter: Andrew, &nbsp;

Tectonics of the Willamette Valley, Oregon


Presenter: Sarah, Stephen, Gordon, &nbsp;

Coevolution of hydrology and topography on a basalt landscape in the Orgon Cascade Range, USA


Presenter: Sarah and Safeeq, &nbsp;

Present-day and future contributions of glacier runoff to summertime flows in a Pacific Northwest watershed: Implications for water resources


Presenter: <strong>4pm - Burt 176</strong> joint with UofO, followed by happy hour, &nbsp;



Presenter: Group, &nbsp;

The Evolving Landscape of the Columbia River Gorge: Lewis and Clark and Cataclysms on the Columbia