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Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Round Table - Winter 2019
Tuesdays, 12-1 PM in Wilkinson 203
Drainage divides
Presenter: Andrew<br />Meigs

Butte detachment: how pre-rift geological structure and drainage integration drive escarpment evolution at rifted continental margins
Gunnell and Harbor, 2010

Presenter: Stephen <br />Lancaster

Geometric disequilibrium of river basins produces long-lived transient landscapes
Beeson et al., 2017

Presenter: Tessa <br />Artruc

The geomorphic legacy of small dams—An Austrian study
Poeppl et al., 2015

Presenter: Arianna <br />Goodman

River piracy and drainage basin reorganization led by climate-driven glacier retreat
Shugar et al., 2017

Presenter: Frank <br />Sousa

Emergence of pediments, tors, and piedmont junctions from a bedrock weathering–regolith thickness feedback
Strudley et al., 2010

Presenter: Eric <br />Kirby

In situ low-relief landscape formation as a result of river network disruption - Yang et al., 2015
       EXTRA: News and Views in response to Yang et al., 2015
Preservation or piracy: Diagnosing low-relief, high-elevation surface formation mechanisms - Whipple et al., 2017

Presenter: Danielle <br />Woodring

Late Oligocene–early Miocene Grand Canyon: A Canadian connection?
Sears, 2013

Presenter: Gordon <br />Grant

Birth of the lower Colorado River—Stratigraphic and geomorphic evidence for its inception near the conjunction of Nevada, Arizona, and California
House et al., 2005

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Presenter: No <br />meeting

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