College of Forestry

Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Round Table - Spring 2020
Tuesday 12-1pm in Wilkinson 203

This term, we'll be discussing cascades in many forms - the topic for the day could be the Cascade Range, cascading waterfalls, cascades in cosmogenic nuclides, or anything else related to cascades!. 

Presenter: Arianna Goodman

Lyons et al., 2018. Linking trophic cascades to changes in desert dune geomorphology using high-resolution drone data. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15(144):20180327.

Presenter: Frank Sousa

Lal D., 1988. In situ-produced cosmogenic isotopes in terrestrial rocks. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 16(1):355-88.

1988 lal CTN.pdf
Presenter: Andrew Meigs

Bershaw et al., 2019. Volcanic glass as a proxy for Cenozoic elevation and climate in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research381, pp.157-167.

Presenter: Gordon Grant

Grant et al., 1990. Pattern and origin of stepped-bed morphology in high-gradient streams, Western Cascades, Oregon. Geological Society of America Bulletin102(3), pp.340-352.

Presenter: Erik Rose

Research Presentation: Estimating sediment flux in headwater creeks in the Oregon Coast Range based upon the ages of charcoal from stream bank deposits

Presenter: Eric Kirby

Scheingross, et al., 2019. Self-formed bedrock waterfalls. Nature567(7747), pp.229-233.

Presenter: Danielle Woodring

Keranen et al., 2014. Sharp increase in central Oklahoma seismicity since 2008 induced by massive wastewater injection. Science345(6195), pp.448-451.

Presenter: Fred Swanson

Mazzorana et al., 2019. Cascading processes in a changing environment: Disturbances on fluvial ecosystems in Chile and implications for hazard and risk management. Science of the Total Environment655, pp.1089-1103.

Background reference: Oregon Cascades example

Presenter: Tessa Artruc

Niu et al., 2012. Experimental investigation of the failure of cascade landslide dams. Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B24(3), pp.430-441.

Presenter: Sami Cargill

Williams, H.B. and Koppes, M.N., 2019. A comparison of glacial and paraglacial denudation responses to rapid glacial retreat. Annals of Glaciology60(80), pp.151-164.