Geomorphology Round Table - Spring 2020
Tuesday 12-1pm in Wilkinson 203

This term, we'll be discussing cascades in many forms - the topic for the day could be the Cascade Range, cascading waterfalls, cascades in cosmogenic nuclides, or anything else related to cascades!. 

Date Presenter Topic
Mar 31 2020

Arianna Goodman

Lyons et al., 2018. Linking trophic cascades to changes in desert dune geomorphology using high-resolution drone data. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15(144):20180327.

PDF icon Lyons et al. - 2018 - Linking trophic cascades to changes in desert dune.pdf
Apr 7 2020

Frank Sousa

Lal D., 1988. In situ-produced cosmogenic isotopes in terrestrial rocks. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 16(1):355-88.

PDF icon 1988 lal CTN.pdf
Apr 14 2020

Andrew Meigs

Bershaw et al., 2019. Volcanic glass as a proxy for Cenozoic elevation and climate in the Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research381, pp.157-167.

PDF icon Bershaw_2019_Cascde paleotopography.pdf
Apr 21 2020

Gordon Grant

Grant et al., 1990. Pattern and origin of stepped-bed morphology in high-gradient streams, Western Cascades, Oregon. Geological Society of America Bulletin102(3), pp.340-352.

PDF icon 90_Grantetal_GSABulletin.pdf
Apr 28 2020

Erik Rose

Research Presentation: Estimating sediment flux in headwater creeks in the Oregon Coast Range based upon the ages of charcoal from stream bank deposits

May 5 2020

Eric Kirby

Scheingross, et al., 2019. Self-formed bedrock waterfalls. Nature567(7747), pp.229-233.

PDF icon scheingross_etal_2019_self-formed_waterfalls.pdf
May 12 2020

Danielle Woodring

Keranen et al., 2014. Sharp increase in central Oklahoma seismicity since 2008 induced by massive wastewater injection. Science345(6195), pp.448-451.

PDF icon keranen_etal_2014_induced_seismicity.pdf
May 19 2020

Fred Swanson

Mazzorana et al., 2019. Cascading processes in a changing environment: Disturbances on fluvial ecosystems in Chile and implications for hazard and risk management. Science of the Total Environment655, pp.1089-1103.

Background reference: Oregon Cascades example

PDF icon MazzoranaB_etal_Cascading_SciTotEnv_2019.pdf
May 26 2020

Tessa Artruc

Niu et al., 2012. Experimental investigation of the failure of cascade landslide dams. Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B24(3), pp.430-441.

PDF icon Failure of Cascade Landslide Dams.pdf
Jun 2 2020

Sami Cargill

Williams, H.B. and Koppes, M.N., 2019. A comparison of glacial and paraglacial denudation responses to rapid glacial retreat. Annals of Glaciology60(80), pp.151-164.

PDF icon comparison_of_glacial_and_paraglacial_denudation_responses_to_rapid_glacial_retreat.pdf