Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2004
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006
Natural Dams in Fluvial Systems


Provide a paper copy or pdf a week in advance for the group to read. Be prepared to give a short summary of the article, background or context when necessary, and lead the discussion.

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Date Presenter Topic
Apr 2 2004

Andrew Meigs & Meghan Blair

Timescales of glacier dam and reservoir filling and excavation

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Apr 9 2004

Greg Stewart

Sutherland, et al., 2002. Evolution of a landslide induced sediment wave in the Navarro River, California. GSA Bulletin 114(8):1036-1048.

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PDF icon 2002_Sutherland.pdf
Apr 16 2004

Anne Jefferson

Knudsen, O. and Marren, P. 2002. Sedimentation in a volcanically dammed valley, Bruarjokull, northeast Iceland. Quaternary Science Reviews, 21:1677-1692.

(Nathan - chips & salsa, olives)

PDF icon 2002_Knudsen&Marren.pdf
Apr 23 2004

Rose Wallick

Costa, John E.; Schuster, Robert L. 1988. The formation and failure of natural dams. GSA Bulletin 100(7): 1054-1068. (pdf).
plus bonus video footage of river rapids!

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PDF icon Costa_1988.pdf
Apr 30 2004

Josh Wyrick

O'Connor, J.E., and V.R. Baker, 1992, "Magnitudes and implications of peak discharges from glacial Lake Missoula," GSA Bulletin, v. 104, pp 267-279. (pdf) Josh's Thesis: How a glacial dam break in Montana created streamlined islands in Washington, and other stories of flood morphology (abstract).

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PDF icon oconnor_baker_1992.pdf
May 7 2004


Cordilleran GSA / Field Trips

May 14 2004


Geosciences Thesis Proposal Talks - ALL DAY - Wilkinson Hall

May 21 2004

Dick Marston

Wilkinson 231

Effects of Jackson Lake Dam on the Snake River and its Floodplain, Grand Teton National Park, WY (no reading).

Joint with Geosciences Geography Seminar

May 28 2004

Gordon Grant

Dam Removal: the good, the bad, the ugly (no reading)

Jun 4 2004

Stephen Lancaster

Brocard et al., 2003. Long-term fluvial incision rates and postglacial river relaxation time in the French Western Alps from 10Be dating of alluvial terraces with assessment of inheritance, soil development and wind ablation effects. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 209: 197-214

PDF icon 2003_BrocardEtAl_EPSL.pdf