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Watershed Processes Group

Geomorphology Round Table Seminar Series

Geomorphology Brown Bag - Spring 2008
Friday 12-1PM in ALS 3006

Orography: The study of the physical geography of mountains and mountain ranges.

This quarter we will read papers about orography (thanks to Andrew). Choose a recent or interesting or notable paper for the group to discuss.

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Presenter: Group

Willet, S. 1999 Orogeny and orography: the effects of erosion on the structure of mountain belts, JGR 104: 28957-28981.

Presenter: Jay Noller

Luo, W. and Stepinski, T. Identification of geologic contrasts from landscape dissection pattern: An application to the Cascade Range, Oregon, USA, in press. Geomorphology.

Presenter: NO MEETING
Presenter: Group

Roe, Montgomery & Hallet 2003. Orographic precipitation and the relief of mountain ranges. JGR 108(B6) 2315.

Presenter: Chris Madden

Anderson, 1990. Evolution of the Northern Santa Cruz Mountains by Advection of Crust Past a San Andreas Fault Bend. Science 249(4967) 397-401.

Presenter: Jay Noller

Andrew L. Leier, Peter G. DeCelles and Jon D. Pelletier, Mountains, monsoons, and megafans Geology; April 2005; v. 33; no. 4; p. 289-292; DOI: 10.1130/G21228.1

Presenter: John Clague, Simon Fraser University

GSA Jahns Distinguished Lecturer: The Formation and Failure of Natural Dams

Presenter: Andrew & Chris

OSU Sichuan Earthquake Seminar:

Densmore et al., 2007; Burchfiel, 2003 and Zhu et al., 2006. USGS details of May 12, 2008 7.9 magnitude quake

2007_Densmoreetal.pdf , Attachments:
2003_Burchfiel_GPS_Geol.pdf , Attachments:
Presenter: Anne & Gordon

Landslide Dams & Sichuan Earthquake