Geomorphology Round Table - Winter 2020
Tuesday 12-1pm in Wilkinson 203
Things That Go Boom
Date Presenter Topic
Jan 7 2020


Introductions and Sign-Ups

Jan 14 2020

Armin Stuedlein

Use of Controlled Blasting for the Evaluation of the Deep, In Situ Dynamic Responses of Soils

PDF icon Stuedlein - Abstract - Deep In-Situ Blast-Liq Testing.pdf
Jan 21 2020

Vance Almquist

Carling et al. 2017. The bubble bursts for cavitation in natural rivers: laboratory experiments reveal minor role in bedrock erosion. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42:1308-1316.

PDF icon Carling_et_al-2017-Earth_Surface_Processes_and_Landforms.pdf
Jan 28 2020

Liz Jachens

Sander and Jacobsen 2014. The quinoa boom of the southern Bolivian Altiplano - linking geomorphology, erosion and spatial production patterns. EGU General Assembly Abstract.


Why is Mount St. Helens in the Wrong Place?


Optional Extra Reading:

PDF icon ncomms13242.pdf
Feb 4 2020

Eric Kirby

Cook et al. 2018. Glacial lake outburst floods as drivers of fluvial erosion in the Himalaya. Science 362.6410: 53-57.

PDF icon cook_etal_2018_glacial_outburst_erosion.pdf
Feb 11 2020

Sami Cargill

Dufresne et al. 2018. Sedimentology and geomorphology of a large tsunamigenic landslide, Taan Fiord, Alaska. Sedimentary Geology 364:302-318.

PDF icon Dufresne et al 2018 Taan Fiord Landslide.pdf
Feb 18 2020

Qingying Tian

Wu et al. 2016. Outburst flood at 1920 BCE supports historicity of China's Great Flood and the Xia dynasty. Science 353.6299:579-582.

PDF icon Wu_2016_Science.pdf, PDF icon Wu-SM.pdf
Feb 25 2020

Stephen Lancaster

Vriend et al., 2007. Solving the mystery of booming sand dunes. Geophysical Research Letters 34, L16306.

PDF icon Vriend_et_al-2007-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf, PDF icon annurev-earth-040809-152336.pdf
Mar 3 2020

Andrew Meigs

Matasci et al., 2018. Assessing rockfall susceptibility in steep and overhanging slopes using three-dimensional analysis of failure mechanisms. Landslides 15.5:859-878.

PDF icon Matasci_et_al_2017_Landslides.pdf
Mar 10 2020


Discussion of next term's topic