Geomorphology Round Table - Spring 2018
Wilkinson 203, Tuesdays noon to 1pm
Mount St. Helens
Date Presenter Topic
Apr 3 2018

Fred Swanson

Mount St. Helens: Zen Master for Volcanologists, Geomorphologists, Ecologists, and Poets

PDF icon Swanson Major_MSH25_03_GeoEcoInteractions.pdf
Apr 10 2018

Gordon Grant

A volcano, a lake and a recurring headache: The Spirit Lake Conundrum. Please read the executive summary of PNW GTR 954 (attached). Full report available: https://www.fs.usda.gov/treesearch/pubs/54429

PDF icon pnw_gtr954_executive summary.pdf
Apr 17 2018

Andrew Meigs

Stanley, W.D., S.Y. Johnson, A.I. Qamar, C.S. Weaver, and J.M. Williams (1996), Tectonics and seismicity of the Southern Washington Cascade Range, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 86, 1-18.

PDF icon Stanley_1996_SW WA tectonics seismicity.pdf
Apr 24 2018


Post-Bretz Discussion

May 1 2018

Gordon & Sarah

Major et al., 2018. Sediment Erosion and Delivery from Toutle River Basin After the 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens: A 30-Year Perspective. In Crisafulli & Dale, eds. Ecological Responses on Mount St. Helens: Revisited 35 years after the 1980 Eruption. Springer. 19-44.

PDF icon Major_et_al_2018_Toutle_Sed Delivery_MSH_ECO_35_years.pdf
May 8 2018

Carolyn Gombert

Creative exploration of Mount St. Helens-- ready, set, sing (or dance, or write, or draw, or tweet...etc!)

May 15 2018

Tom Pierson, USGS

Mount St. Helens--Poster Child for Volcanic Wet-Flow Hazards

May 22 2018


Kilauea Update and other creative volcanic expressions

May 29 2018

Danielle Woodring

Pallister et al., Faulting within the Mount St Helens conduit and implications for volcanic earthquakes. GSA Bulletin 125:359-376.

PDF icon sthelens_faulting_pallister_etal_2013.pdf
Jun 5 2018

Jon Major, USGS

Sediment Transport at Mount St Helens. Please read Sclafani et al., 2017.

PDF icon Sclafani_et_al-2017-Earth_Surface_Processes_and_Landforms.pdf, PDF icon Willingham_2005_USACE_initial_response_StHelens_1980.pdf
Jun 12 2018


Finals Week